Ceiling Fan

Wide Range of Bajaj Ceiling Fans

Bajaj Electricals Limited is a part of the Bajaj Group. Bajaj manufactures a large number of consumer electronics, including ceiling fans. Bajaj is a leading brand of ceiling fans due to innovative designs and technologically advanced ceiling fans manufactured by the company. The blades and the body are specifically constructed to provide optimum speed and air delivery. Bajaj ceiling fans come in a plethora of styles, designs and prices.

Check out the various models to choose from if you are looking for a bajaj ceiling fan.

Underlight Series 

Underlight Series of ceiling fans are equipped with under lights. These fans are a blend of artistic design and high functionality. Thus, under light fans not only provide cooling but also act as a source of illumination. These fans come with remote controls.

For example, Magnifique AL having 5 blades crafted of wood. The underlight provides illumination and also adds to the aesthetics of the fan. The blades have two colours, oak wood and wenge wood. The speed and light are controlled by a remote. This fan works silently.

Anti-Germ and Bye Bye Dust Series

Anti-Germ and Bye Bye Dust ceiling fans have a special anti-germ coating which prevents the growth of germs, thereby making them highly hygienic. The Advanced Polymer Technology coating prevents the accumulation of dust particles on the fan, which makes it easy to clean the fan. Fans from this series have the additional advantage of easy cleaning.

For example, Harrier Anti-Germ Bye Bye Dust ceiling fan which has an aluminium body and aerodynamically designed blades. The anti-dust coating repels dust particles and makes cleaning a breeze. Since the fan is constructed of aluminium, it is durable and light in weight. The metallic finish makes for good aesthetics. The fan works perfectly even at low voltage. Comes in honey brown, electric blue, silky white and pearl grey colours.

Designer Series 

Designer ceiling fans not only provide a high rate of air circulation but enhance the decor of the rooms due to their unique, stylish designs. Their sleek and stylish design makes them the focal point of the rooms and positively affect the overall aesthetics.

For example, Ornio fan of the designer series is a high-speed fan and also delivers air at a high rate. The shankless design of the fan makes for a unique look. The aluminium body makes the fanlight but durable and easy to clean. The metallic finish enhances the aesthetics. The fan comes in brown, ceramic white, wenge wood and honey brown.

Disney and Marvel Series 

Disney and Marvel Series of ceiling fans are specially designed for kid’s rooms. The fans bear life-like images of popular cartoon characters printed using unique picture transfer technology. This technology ensures that the character is visible even when the fan is rotating. These fans are specially designed to generate as little noise as possible. Overall, kids are thrilled by the aesthetics of these fans.

There are many types of Disney and Marvel Series fans such as Avenger, Princess, Winnie the Pooh, etc.