Which brand is best for the ceiling fan in india?

A ceiling fan is an electric device that plays a vital role in the circulation of air within enclosed spaces. It ensures that the surroundings are cool and comfortable. There are several models of ceiling fans, and you now have high-performance, high- speed, energy-efficient, and aesthetically appealing ceiling fans.

The ceiling fans have evolved with time, and you also have ceiling fans with lighting features and four or five blades when compared to the traditional standard ceiling fans that featured 3 blades.

Features that you should consider in a ceiling fan

When you are about to buy a ceiling fan, you need to consider certain features in detail to ensure that you are purchasing the right type and size of ceiling fan for the space in question. Sometimes, there are chances that the brand you have shortlisted does not have the ceiling fan with the features that you want. This is especially, the case when you are looking for aesthetically appealing ceiling fans. Let us consider other vital aspects you should be aware of:

Fan mounting – The height of the ceiling would have a vital role to play in the type of ceiling fan model you ought to choose. The types of ceiling fans based on mounting style include

  • Hugger ceiling fans
  • Close-to-ceiling fans
  • Ceiling fans with downrods
  • Ceiling fans for sloped roofs

Energy-efficient ceiling fans– An energy star label is indicative of the efficiency as well as the rigorous testing process that the ceiling fans have been subjected to. Choosing fans with an energy-saving label would help to keep your power bills under control.

Blade pitch– Blade pitch refers to the angle of the blade, and this influences the air circulation within the room. The ideal angle is considered to be 12-15 degrees.

Ceiling fan blades– when there are more blades in a ceiling fan, it is usually quieter. Ceiling fans with four or five blades that are made for homes usually are designed to achieve a balance between air circulation and ambient noise.

Control– You now have ceiling fans that can be controlled using remotes. You can control the speed, direction, and even the lights attached to the ceiling fans with these remotes. You have hand-held and wall control, as well as through smartphone applications.

Brands of ceiling fans

the best brands of ceiling fans include

  • The Fan Studio- Moon face wooden ceiling fan for accessing aesthetically appealing ceiling fans made of different types of wood ranging from rosewood to hand-polished walnut.
  • Gorilla for BDLC technology ceiling fans that are energy efficient and priced under 4000.
  • Havells Nicola 1200mm for high-performance fans that feature great design.
  • Crompton HS plus ceiling fan for budget-friendly fans under 1700 but ensure the best air circulation.
  • Orient Electric Aeroquiet 1200 for ease of operation, best air-flow movement, high-efficiency motor, and design.
  • Havells ES-50 five star ceiling fan that consumes less energy and has a rotation speed of 350 rpm which circulates air evenly.
  • Usha Technix star ceiling fan at a budget price.

By now, you would have realized there are different types of ceiling fans in India that are ideal for various requirements. Therefore, you cannot suggest one brand as the best. You can choose one with the features that you want from any one of the brands mentioned.