Hand Mixer

Top 5 Features of a Good Hand Mixer

 A hand mixer is a handy tool to have in the kitchen. Though it is considered inferior when compared to a stand mixer owing to the limitations in the power of the motor, the hand mixers are just perfect for certain functions and are easy to use and clean. But, you have got to be careful while choosing a hand mixer to ensure that the money you invested in buying the hand mixer does not go waste.

The top 5 features you should consider while buying a good hand mixer have been listed

Hand Mixer

 Weight- you might be aware that the hand mixers are quite light. This is meant to make it easy to handle and use it for various cooking applications such as blending, mixing, frosting, etc. however, having a hand mixer that is too light would also be a drawback. It would keep falling over toppling the vessel in which it is being used as well. This means a waste of effort and materials. Therefore, it is important to choose a hand mixer of ideal weight. So, what is the ideal weight? The ideal weight for a hand mixer is about 650-680g or around 1.5lbs. Anything below this is categorized as flimsy.

Speed settings– Since you are going to use the stick mixer by holding it in your hand while operating it, it is not essential to have a turbo speed hand mixer. You need a hand mixer at a slow speed. You have got to steer clear of hand mixers in which the slowest speed is very fast.

 Wattage – higher the power greater would be the motor speed. But, for all practical reasons, you do not need a powerful motor in your hand mixer. In this light, it is good to opt for a 350-watt power hand mixer. Though something lower than that would be good enough for use and to save cost on power, you need not go in for a hand mixer with more than 350-watt power.

 The design of the hand mixer– Two important design aspects that you have to pay attention to when you are buying a hand-mixer is the design of the handle and the shape of the beater. While a properly designed handle ensures that you can handle the mixer effectively, the shape of the beater ensures that it functions efficiently. The blades should be perfectly designed to be able to provide spinning action from inside out rather than from outside in.

The base– The base of the hand mixer should be in such a way that it can be put down in the corner of the counter with ease. It should not be small as it is likely that the mixer would topple and fall down often. It should not have crazy roundings or curves at the base as well. This would be a hindrance for storing it when not in use. A hand mixer with a body shape that goes down to form a completely flat surface is an ideal option.

Choose the hand mixer of the brand you like but ensure that the top features are not compromised.