Kitchen Chimney

The Importance of a Kitchen Chimney

What is a kitchen chimney?

A kitchen chimney is the most valuable electronic appliance that functions like an electric fan placed above the kitchen stove.

Why is the kitchen chimney prominent?

It began as the kitchen’s essential part when a household was missing out on maintaining hygiene. It supports the kitchen’s cleanliness and keeps it away from odor, fumes, steam, and heat.

Kitchen Chimney’s advantages in your daily life

Today, many people buy the good kitchen chimney owing to the benefits it offers. A kitchen chimney not only maintains the looks of your kitchen but also makes your cooking fast.

Kitchen Chimney

  1. Protects the kitchen tiles – The kitchen chimney, especially an electric fireplace, is most suitable for protecting your tiles, granites, and other household appliances. The fumes not only make the kitchen greasy and sticky but also it will make it difficult and time-consuming while cleaning. A kitchen chimney also prevents the wall from becoming black very quickly. As the kitchen chimney has high suction, it sucks all the fumes, vapors, and food smell cooked in the kitchen, which reduces your labor of cleaning the kitchen.
  2. Helps you to avoid sneezing – A kitchen chimney keeps you and your family away from sneezing when you are cooking spicy food. The kitchen chimney sucks all the aromas and makes you feel at ease.
  3. Maintains your kitchen looks – A kitchen chimney safeguards your kitchen from dirt, grime, and other impurities. It makes your kitchen presentable and appealing. If you install a built-in kitchen chimney with the colored door panel that matches the kitchen walls and others, the kitchen gets an elegant and stylish look.
  4. Eliminates excess heat – When you cook without the kitchen chimney, the kitchen atmosphere becomes hot, which makes you feel uneasy. However, with a kitchen chimney, it diverts all the steam and vapor to its side, thereby removing the excess heat. If the steam is coming out of your cooking utensils, the electric chimney sucks them and prevents it from coming onto your face. The kitchen chimney has an in-built blower, which helps in performing these functions.
  5. Keeps the air clean and fresh – Electric kitchen chimney helps you to get rid of all toxic pollutants and gases, which is dangerous to you and your surroundings from a health perspective. Only one push to the button is enough to get clean and fresh air. Once you switch on the button, it sucks all the particles out of the kitchen. As a result, it controls the bacteria and germs. Installing a chimney is the best way to fight the impure air in the house. It does the work of an air purifier as it cuts the carbon monoxide level in the home while cooking.


To maintain the performance of the chimney, you need to clean it every three to four weeks.