Kitchen Torch

How to Use a Kitchen Torch

Kitchen torches are one of the most incredible discoveries of modern food culture. Are you also someone who likes guessing the ingredients of your favorite dish in a restaurant? Do you find it challenging to figure out some ingredients in the recipe? The deluxe restaurants serve food that is prepared by a lot of culinary tools. One of them is the culinary kitchen torch! These torches are a perfect example of modern tools of culinary expertise. Kitchen torches are multipurpose; the versatility of these torches becomes the number one reason for their popularity.

Most of the people have a misconception that the experienced chefs can only handle the kitchen torches. However, it is not correct! Using a culinary kitchen torch is extremely easy, safe, and convenient. You can readily add taste to your meal by making the right use of kitchen torches. Not only these are beneficial for cooking tangy and sour food, but it also works on sweet dishes.

If you have newly bought a kitchen torch just for the sake of following the new trend and have no idea about its setting and usage, don’t worry, we are here to help you out!

Kitchen Torch

Have you ever wondered about a kitchen tool that can do roasting, glazing, crusting, melting, searing, and finishing, all at once? No, it’s not a miracle, it’s a kitchen torch! Using a kitchen without proper knowledge and precaution could be quite dangerous. Here are some points that will guide through the correct way of using it-

  • Preparing a safe ambiance

Staying safe while preparing a meal is the highest requirement of a cook. A beginner should be even more careful while using the kitchen torch as he/she is more prone to injury. Make sure to wear an apron before starting the process. Also, switch on the fan and operate in an area close to the fire extinguisher. Keep all the inflammable things such as plastic utensils and other items away. Avoid wearing clothes made from synthetic fabric such as acrylic or silk.

  • Keep the desired food item on a metal plate

Keep the food in the metal plate and place the plate in your working area. It should be convenient for you to operate the torch from that position. Never turn on the kitchen torch before placing the food in front of you. It can lead to accidental injuries due to hurry and worry attitude.

  • Light the kitchen torch

Make sure to turn on the torch a few seconds before placing it on the food directly. Experts do not recommend lighting up the torch directly over the food. It will assign a torch taste to the food that is unpleasant to the taste buds. Wait for the flame to turn blue; this indicates that the flame has been oxidized. Now you are ready to fire the flame over the food. You can also identify the accurate time by appreciating the hissing sound of the torch.

  • Turn off the torch after use

Make sure to turn off the torch after use. Release the on trigger/button while using a manual torch. An automatic one can be turned off by using the push button. Not turning off the torch will waste a large volume of gas.

That was all about the tips on using a culinary kitchen torch. Thank you for reading!