bread loaf pan

How to Properly Grease a Bread Loaf Pan

French bread, artisan-style bread, round loaves, and even dinner rolls can be usually made with the help of a baking sheet. But if you desire for the standard loaves, then a bread loaf pan is an absolute necessity. The bread loaf pan gives the bread its shape and helps in browning, which results in a tender interior and a crispy crust.

But who does not hate it when the bread gets stuck in the pan? But there is an easy way to avoid this. The answer is to grease the bread loaf pan properly. Once you know the basics for proper greasing of the bread pan, the bread will fall out after its baked. Another wonderful news is that you don’t need special things to do this, everything is right there in your kitchen.

How to Grease a Bread Loaf Pan

To get the baked loaf bread out of the pan, proper greasing is essential. Several items like butter, shortening, or cooking oil can help you to grease the pan. To make the bread come out with ease, you can try to coat the bread pan with cornmeal. There is no need to worry because it will not stick to the bread. This is because it is different from the dough of the bread.

The following are simple steps for you to grease the pan with ease.

  1. Use either cooking oil, butter, or shortening to grease the pan thoroughly.
  2. On the bottom and the sides of the pan, spread the grease evenly. You can use a folded paper towel or just your fingers. If you intend to bake a dessert bread, the pan is ready for baking.
  3. For a normal type of bread like whole wheat or white bread, apply coarse cornmeal. This helps to prevent sticking of the bread to the sides of the loaf pan. Make sure the bottom and the sides of the pan gets coated and do this by turning the bread loaf pan.
  4. Once the bread gets baked, flip it over to get it out of the pan. Now the bread will fall straight out.

Additional tips

  • If you choose to use butter to grease the bread loaf pan, then make sure not to leave any clumps in the pan.
  • If you have any butter wrappers, don’t throw them away. Save them and use it to grease the bread loaf pan.
  • You can also use spray oils. But make sure you get even coverage. To avoid using more than necessary, you can use a paper towel.
  • If you prefer to use oil, make sure that it does not form any puddles in the pan. The applied oil tends to form puddles, especially along the edges and the corners. This is because the oil starts to slide down the sides.

The bottom line

Baking bread is an art. To perfect the art, it always starts with the basics. Hope the above steps help you to bake bread to perfection.