How to Get Rid of Smelly Socks?

If you’re stressed about smelly socks and are extensively looking for a solution, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got just the right tip for you.

Smelly socks are such a dreadful thing, and many people tend to suffer from this problem. Smelly socks tend to hit the confidence level of a person and affect their appearance in the group and surroundings. Smelly socks are a pretty common phenomenon and are caused by smelly and stinky feet. Our feet, in particular, have plenty of sweat glands which release sweats. These sweats can cause a build-up of bacteria and fungus resulting in smelly feet and socks.

But we’ve got a few quick and easy tips for you which can help you bid goodbye to smelly socks forever. Let’s check them out.

Start by taking care of your feet

First things first, smelly socks are a result of smelly feet. It would be best if you took care of smelly feet at first, and you’ll see considerable progress in reducing smelly socks. Try to wash your feet frequently. You can also rinse it with soap and water to help kill the bacteria. This way, the chances of building up bacteria and fungus will be none, and your feet won’t smell.

Choose sweat-absorbing socks

The thing about socks is that they are made up of fabric. The type of material you choose can be the difference between smelly socks and non-smelly socks. Look for the socks with sweat absorbing features and breathable fabric. This will help to dry the sweat and reduce the holding of sweat in your socks and feet. A right sweat-absorbing sock can help you to reduce the smells and bad odour substantially.

Use baking powder

Baking powder can do wonder for your feet and socks. Baking powder has an inherent ability to absorb smells and remove any bacterial infection. You can mix a couple of tablespoons of baking powder to create a solution and dip your feet in them for 20 minutes. You also soak your socks in the solution before you wash them. This will help kill the bacteria and remove any bad odour. Try this technique once or twice a week, and you can see the difference. Even a combination of bicarbonate soda and water also works if you don’t have the baking soda at home.

Do not wear the same socks regularly

Your socks take the brunt of the sweat from your feet. This may cause them to become a breeding ground for bacteria and fungus. So it is advised to change your socks regularly. Wash them with a good detergent and let them dry out before using it again. This way, your socks will retain its freshness and won’t smell.

Use antiperspirant on your feet

Since feet are the primary culprit for building out the sweat, you should look to take optimum care of your feet if you want to stop your socks from smelling. There is plenty of antiperspirant for feet available in the market, and you can use any of them. If not, then the good old antiperspirant for your body will also hold good. Just spray it over your feet before wearing socks, and your socks won’t catch the smell.

Smelly socks are a common theme and are not something that you should stress about. You can get rid of smelly socks by following the tips mentioned above. We hope you can find the best-suited solution from here.