Paper Shredder

How to Choose the Right Paper Shredder?

The advances in technologies have led to the development of vast marketing brands. The same is the case with paper shredders. There are hundreds of brands and models of paper shredders available in the market. The availability of such a vast variety of products makes it a daunting task to choose the right product for oneself.

For the same reason, we have written this article for our readers. There are certain pointers that are needed to be kept in mind while making a purchase of the paper shredder. We have mentioned a few of them below in our article. Go ahead and read them thoroughly so that you may buy the right paper shredder.

Paper Shredder

Consider the type of paper shredder: The paper shredders are available for purchase in 3 different types. The classification is done on the basis of the type of cuts they offer. The three types of cuts offered by the paper shredders are:

  • Strip-cut shredders: As the name suggests, the strip-cut shredders cut the papers in long strips.
  • Crosscut shredders: This type of shredder takes the first type one step further. It cuts the paper into thin, and short strips. One piece of paper can turn into more than 350 mini strips.
  • Micro-cut shredders: This type of shredders dice the paper into hundreds of bits of confetti or mini diamond-shaped pieces.

You can choose whichever type of shredder you want on the basis of your preferences for cutting the paper.

Consider the frequency and volume of usage: This is an important consideration while choosing the paper shredder. If you shred hundreds of sheets of paper in a single day or so, then you need a heavy-duty shredder for yourself. However, if you only shred a few sheets of paper per day then you can go for regular paper shredders. To identify which option of shredder is correct for you, consider the following:

  • Consider how frequently you have to use the shredder (it may be weekly or daily).
  • Consider the type of materials that are needed to be shred by you (such as CDs, glossy papers, Credit cards, Stacks of papers, Stapled documents, etc.).
  • Consider the amount of shredding that you do in one sitting. It will help you choose the paper shredder with the right ‘run time’.

If the readers anticipate using the paper shredder in high volumes or frequently then choosing a shredder with a high speed would prove to be a good idea. This will save a lot of time every single day.

Consider the pricing: The regular shredders cost less than the heavy-duty ones. There is a saying ‘you get what you pay for’. The same is the case with paper shredders. The high-end shredders come equipped with a lot of unique and fantastic features while the cheap ones are not made to perform unique features. Always make sure that you choose the paper shredder according to your requirements. It would be better to choose a high-end product and save your efforts and time.