baby scale

How do I Estimate my Baby’s Weight?

New mothers know the significance of proper infant weight gain. Soon after birth, babies lose weight within a few days. But soon they will gain weight in ounces. For the first six months of the baby’s life, the weight gain may happen in the range of 5 to 7 ounces per week.

The baby’s weight at first birthday should be equal to three times of the birth weight. Thus, keeping on track of infant weight gain is essential for parents. A baby scale is a tool to help you to maintain a track on the baby’s weight.

baby scale

Using a Baby Scale:

To estimate the baby’s weight, one has to follow the below steps.

Buy a baby scale: You need to buy a sturdy and accurate baby scale. In such a baby scale, there should be a tray to set your baby safe. One more thing is that there should not be any hard or sharp parts that may hurt your new-born. You can opt for a scale that can tolerate up to 40 lbs or 18 Kg.

  • Ensure that the scale can identify and read the minor weight differences
  • Best baby scales are available online at reasonable prices
  • Choose the digital, colourful baby scale that has accessories to measure the length of the arm
  • You can rent a baby scale to manage your budget.

Ensure that the scale is set to 0:

You can either use an analogue scale or a digital scale to check the baby’s weight. But in both types, you need to set the scale to 0. If you want to put the baby on a blanket, you can reduce the blanket’s weight. To do this process first, place the blanket on the baby scale. After registering its weight, you can press the tare key. This will help to null the weight of the blanket.

Estimate the baby’s weight:

Once you finish the above steps, you can set the baby on a baby scale. It is good to set the baby on a scale naked. Ensure that your hand is on the baby to avoid any slips. But don’t place your hand on the chest of the baby. Now, read the baby’s weight on a baby scale. You can record the baby’s weight on a notebook for future analysis. Maintain a tab on the baby’s weight to ensure a good health condition of the baby.

Parents can notice a difference in the baby’s weight every two weeks. So, they can check the baby’s weight every two weeks to estimate the gains or losses of weight.

Baby scales are a crucial instrument to measure the baby’s weight. Baby scales can also help you to determine the baby’s length and breast milk intake. It is better to buy or rent a baby scale for home, to maintain a record of baby’s weight. Thus, a baby scale is a reliable device to estimate the growth and development of the baby.