Endearing features of an induction cooktop

Even people who love cooking and are excited about coming up with new dishes would not be comfortable standing in front of the gas stove for a long time. It becomes challenging when the weather is hot, as well. The induction cooktop is easy to handle and convenient to use and fast to cook. This means you can enjoy your cooking sessions. However, choosing an ideal cooktop does matter, and you would have to get it right to enjoy the benefits it can offer.

The advantages of using an induction cooktop

The advantages of using induction cooktop include

  • Reduced cooking time because of the fast heat-up time of the induction plate that is designed to create an electromagnetic reaction.
  • Induction cooktops are designed in such a way that the cooktop does not get heated up. They are designed to heat only metals in the pans you place on it.
  • They prevent your kitchen from getting hot and uncomfortable
  • It is safe to cook
  • They are endowed with a smart cooking option that would beep and let you know there is no pot on the cooktop to heat. Therefore, there is no chance of leaving the cooktop on accidentally.
  • They have a flat surface and are energy efficient as well.

Features you should consider

The features you should look for in an induction cooktop include


 The induction cooktops are available in different sizes in the market. The minimum size of the cooktop is about 30cm in width while there are others which are about 90cm in width. However, those that are 60cm in width are considered to be the ideal size cooktop and are widely sought after. Ensure that the space you have allotted for the cooktop in your kitchen is big enough to place the cooktop.

Cooking zones

 A 60cm wide stove comes with 3 and 4 cooking zones. Depending on whether you would be cooking large quantities of food you might have to go in for a wider cooktop with 3 or 4 cooking zones to help prepare large quantities of food. This would ensure that there is enough space on the cooktop to accommodate the large pots and pans when you are cooking large quantities of food.

Touch controls

 This is the touch screen era. Therefore, the best option would be to go in for induction cooktops with touch buttons for operation rather than the bulky control knobs. Cooktops with touch power options are appealing in looks. They are easy to clean, as well.

 Child lock

You can add an extra element of security if you buy an induction cooktop that is endowed with child lock facilities. This would ensure that the kids do not play with the control switches,


 This is indeed a boon that makes cooking easy and simple. It is possible to program the cooktop at high or low temperatures and also switch off after a particular time. There is no need to supervise it. This helps you to focus on other important things that you have to while your food is cooking.

Apart from these features, there are indeed cooktops that are endowed with special features such as boost functions, boil-over detector, and safety shut-off which make cooking on an induction cooktop simple and safe. Buy an induction cooktop in India after you have thoroughly understood the features that it is endowed with and are convinced that it suits your kitchen and your cooking style.