Microwave Oven

Convection Microwave Oven Benefits and Limitations

Different kitchen appliances have been invented over time. Some of them have become a necessity without which it would be difficult to survive in this hectic schedule.

One of the appliances is a Convection Microwave oven, which saves a lot of time. But when we use these appliances, then there are many benefits attached to it and, in the same way, many of the limitations.

Microwave Oven

 What Benefits could Convection Microwave ovens provide?

  • Less time in cooking – In a convection microwave oven, there is a fan that circulates heat all over the microwave oven, which makes the cooking easier with less time. If any of the food which needs to be preheated, then it could be done at a lower temperature. This results in less consumption of energy as well as the bills for electricity. This gives the experience of having convenient cooking. Ample time is being saved, and one can do a lot with this saved time of the kitchen.
  • Different dishes could be cooked – There are many dishes which could be made easily in it as the heat is circulating all around it. It will allow the dishes to be cooked easily from all sides evenly. This will keep the taste of food intact as it is cooked evenly from all sides. The nutrients which are there in the food do not lose, which gives nutritional value to food cooked.
  • Less risky – The baking on the convection microwave oven is less risky than cooking through another medium. If it is being handled properly, then there are almost no chances to have any mishappening.

What are the Limitations of Convection Microwave ovens?

  • Special material requirement – For cooking in these ovens, it is required to have specially designed ovens for them, and one cannot cook without them. If any other utensils are being used in it, then it could be dangerous as well as could harm the microwave oven. These utensils are costlier than the other utensils which a user needs to purchase and take care of as these are delicate to handle.
  • Capacity – The capacity of these ovens is not much as when food is to be prepared for large gatherings, then it could become difficult to cook. If the larger amount of food is kept into it, then the food will not be cooked properly. There could be a possibility then it gets cooked from outside and not from inside, which will lead to wastage of food.
  • Adjusting the food recipes – There are many food recipes that are being made by the people on their own, and they are comfortable with that. But while cooking in this, the user needs to adjust the recipe as per the book come along with it. Otherwise, the food may get spoiled or do not cook properly. If the adjustments are not being made properly, then the food could even be burnt off.

Everything which we use has some benefits as well as limitations. But this convection microwave oven is a must requirement for the kitchen as the lives are becoming faster and everyone has less time for themselves.