Common questions regarding spin mops in India

Mopping using conventional mop and bucket is a strenuous and time consuming task. The modern spin mop systems have made the task very swift and much less exhausting. Spin mops don’t require the users to wring dirty water out of them physically because wringers are present in such mops to complete the task without physical intervention. Any high quality Spin mop in india can be used on all kinds of flooring without causing damage to either the mop or flooring. The 360 degree swivel cleaning provided by most branded spin mop systems in India make the task of cleaning very simple and efficient. The easily movable buckets usually equipped with wheels and adjustable handles also endear the customers to spin mop systems in India.

There are some common questions which customers looking to buy Spin mop in indiapose to manufacturers and experts of cleaning tools. Some of the questions have been answered here.

What is the frequency of changing the mop head?

The spin mop head is often used even when it becomes very dirty and worn out. The microfiber mop head can clean the floor only when it is clean itself. The frequency with which the microfiber mop head needs to be replaced depends upon the degree of usage. The mop head must be replaced as soon as it starts to appear dirty and worn out. The rule of thumb is to replace the mop head after every 2-3 months. It is not advisable to wait for the mop head to wear out completely or become extremely filthy before replacing it. Spin mop head systems usually come with extra microfiber refills.

Is spin mop suitable for both wet and dry cleaning?

Yes, the spin mop can be used both as wet and dry mop. The microfiber mop is capable of removing dirt irrespective of whether it is wet or dry. The mop can be used for wet wiping the floor. The spin mop is equipped with wringer to dry it without the user requiring to employ his/her hands. Apart from wet wiping, the spin mop can be used to pick up dust particles and pet hairs from various areas of the house. The lightweight telescopic handle makes it possible to use the mop to dust ceiling fans, ventilators, windows and other places located at heights.

Can the spin mop head be washed in washing machine?

Most spin mop heads are detachable and can be washed in washing machines. However, mop heads which have small attachment hooks should be washed in washing machines while mop heads having large plastic attachments should not be machine washed because they tend to get damaged. The mop head should be washed using a gentle cycle and must be dried under sun. Mop heads which cannot be machine washed should be soaked in a detergent or vinegar or bleach solution and washed using hands.


The customers probably like to get the answers of many other questions related to spin mop systems. The best course of action is to view the online reviews of various models of spin mop systems which fall within their budgets.