Top 5 Fitness Band Brands In India

Top 5 Fitness Band Brands In India

India has a variation in culture and tradition of people and food. A large proportion of Indians consume fat-rich food. There is no guilt in satisfying your taste buds; however, these people lack in burning calories. Due to the sedentary lifestyle, many people happen to lag back in keeping track of their health. It is the primary reason behind the widespread use of fitness bands in our country. No matter where you are, a fitness band will always be your best friend in guiding you about various health aspects. Due to its increasing use in the fitness industry, many brands have now started to manufacture them.

It is extremely confusing for people to choose among so many brilliant options. Here are the top 5 fitness band brands in India:

Top 5 Fitness Band Brands In India

  1. Fitbit charge 3:

Fitbit has the most renowned name in the fitness band world. If you want a band that has everything in it, without a doubt, go for Fitbit. The high sensor accuracy is the most happening topic about these bands. The design is so easy to apprehend, and you will never face any difficulty in operating it. The strap is made of sturdy rubber that resists damage. It offers a brilliant resolution of 96 x 32 pixels. The OLED display is extremely classy because of its serene black display that is easy to visualize in direct sunlight. The battery life is outstanding (7 days with one charge) and takes 1 hour to get completely charged. It is a genuine fitness band with a simple design to operate.

  1. MI Band 4:

The first country to bring a fitness band to our country is Xiaomi. The first model of the MI band had LED indicators instead of having a screen. MI Band 4 is the newest and one of the trending fitness bands in our country. Talking about its features, it has an outstanding design that stands out among all the other fitness trackers.  The strap is made of a flexible polymer that allows enough movements to the users. It also has an OLED display that has a very low power consumption in contrast to other brands. You can readily pair the band with your phone to divert notifications to the phone. It is an ideal fitness tracker to use in any season due to its water-resistant quality. The battery life can last for 20 days on a single charge.

  1. Samsung galaxy fit 2 pro:

Samsung galaxy fit 2 pro has a fancy build along with the outstanding feature. You can consider it as a mixture of a fitness band and a smartwatch. Isn’t it amazing to have the qualities of both the devices in a single one?

  1. HONOR Band 5 fitness tracker:

If you are someone who loves to explore various features of a fitness tracker, this device is absolutely for you! The HONOR band has an influential band with a superior finish that will complement your look. The PPG sensors encrypted in it have a high level of accuracy. The AMOLED display has a resolution of 240 x 120 pixels that will never strain your eyes. All in all, it is an astounding product for tracing robustness.

  1. MI Band HRX:

The MI band HRX is also one of the most popular fitness bands in India. It has a scratch-resistant display that makes it more durable in contrast to other fitness bands. You can also connect it to your mobile phones via Bluetooth to enable push notifications. You will never regret buying this band!

That was all about the top 5 fitness bands. Thank you!