Ski Racks

The Evolution of Ski Racks

The entire sports of skiing has changed a lot over the past years, and just like that the ski racks evolved. Do you have any idea about how the ski racks underwent evolution? If not, then you are in the right place. We are going to talk all about ski racks and their evolution.

Gone are the days when people used to tie wooden planks on their feet for skiing. These days’, different types of skis are available to get people down the mountain. Similarly, there are also various ways to get the skis up and down the mountains. To have a better idea, go ahead and read the below information mindfully.

Ski Racks

Ski racks are almost half a century old

Yes, you read it right! The ski racks have been around for almost 50 years. That’s half a century! Isn’t it? In the year of 1969, the twin brothers John Wheeler and Zandy, together along with a ski group named UVM, initiated the opening of a ski shop. They gave the shop the name of ‘ski rack.’ Nowadays, everyone who loves skiing owns a ski rack. The ski racks are no longer the same as previous times. They have evolved a lot. You will find different types of ski racks available in the market. And there are numerous brands that have started manufacturing the ski racks.

Present-day ski racks

If we talk about the present era, you are going to find hundreds of ski racks for hundreds of cars. The evolution of ski racks has changed the overall meaning of skiing. Some of the ski racks are created in such a way that they can be mounted in a wide range of cars from sedans, hatchbacks, 4×4 vehicles, SUVs, and sometimes even on the top of vans. A ski rack set comes along with two load bars that are made to be mounted on the top portion of the crossbars. Most of the vehicles come along with standard-sized crossbars, and hence mounting the ski racks is quite easy. On the other hand, some cars do not come along with crossbars, and hence the drive needs to purchase and install it. However, the ski racks are extremely easy to install, thanks to their simplicity.

What are the benefits of ski racks?

  • The ski racks offer improved driving safety to the users. Traveling with the skis inside the vehicle is not safe at all, there is a potential risk of injuries.
  • The ski racks can free up a lot of space inside the vehicle.
  • The ski racks offer improved practicality. One can simply access the snowboards or skis without even entering the vehicle.
  • Ski racks can save you bucks. What else could be better than carrying your skis? You will not need to rent gear and waste money.

Bottom line

The ski racks are one of the most beneficial inventions in history. If you truly want to buy your ski rack, then prefer reading the reviews and ratings present on the internet. We hope our article proves to be helpful for our readers.