Printer Ink Cartridges

Printer Ink Cartridges – How to Improve Print Quality

A lot of individuals have a common issue with their respective inkjet printers, which is not getting quality printouts as expected. The print quality of the given printer can be affected by many factors. Problems with software and hardware, or perhaps with ink cartridges, can cause poor quality printouts. Also, resolution settings, color saturation, and improper print speeds can likewise be the cause of poor quality printouts.

Method One: Adjust Printer Settings3

Set the print speed to its optimum setting that can be found in the print speed adjustment menu. Enhance the paceto decrease saturation when pictures and graphics bleed due to oversaturation. Decrease the speed in order to enhance the saturation whenever colors seem to be faded or perhaps washed out. Make use of the optimum resolution setting available on the software and printer. Generally, it is possible to vary these settings from the control panel of the device or in the Print settings as well. Choose the maximum dpi setting available that generally varies from 72 dpi to 2400 dpi based on the latest printer’s specifications. These settings will impact the resolution quality drastically.

Printer Ink Cartridges

Method Two: Adhere to Common Best Practices Used to Make Print Quality Better

  • Whenever the printer is not in use, just turn it off. Having it on when it is not in use leaves the print heads unguarded from dust, which can impact the quality of the print.
  • Make use of paper products that are recommended to you by the printer manufacturer. Inkjet printers work well with some types of paper. If the paper which you use does not belong to one of these categories, then there can be issues such as saturation. Therefore, it is best to use it with the manufacturer-suggested specifications in order to get the best quality printouts.
  • Clean the print head regularly to ensure that the ink is not blocked. Many inkjet printers come with an automatic print head cleaning feature, which makes this easier.
  • The alignment of the print head or cartridge must be carried out. This feature can likewise be considered an automated feature that can be obtained through the control panel of the device.
  • Carry out the maintenance of the printer, as suggested by the manufacturer. Clogged nozzles and blocked print heads happen to be the most typical origins of problems with the print quality of the inkjet printers. Keep the high-quality cartridges for printing out photo and graphics files. It is recommended that you use standard cartridges for printing word documents.
  • It is found that the best paper to print on happens to be the Matte Photo Paper. This paper creates a big difference in the quality of the print. Make use of Matte photo paper in order to get classic, no shine printout.
  • Preserve the Print with the help of a Sealer. Another method to safeguard prints, for instance, printable art, you should protect the print from fading by making use of a sealer.
  • Inkjet printers on normal copy paper can have chances of a wrinkle or perhaps buckle whenever excessive ink is applied to the paper. If you are not willing to make use of photo paper, then try out any heavy paper such as the white matte 65lb card stock.


Stick to the manufacturer-recommended schedule for maintenance and safeguard the cartridges from debris by preserving them in a protected and tidy space in order to enhance the print quality.