How to Clean a Guitar – The Ultimate Guide

Have you played guitar in a crowded concert? Then you would probably know how your guitar gets dirty. Guitars get dirty due to the surrounding. Dirt and dust can damage the guitar hardware. Cleaning guitar is easy when it is played in an open or well-ventilated space.

If you do not know how to clean a guitar carefully, then there are the tips to do it. Let us see the ultimate guide to clean a guitar.


Cleaning the fretboard 

Itis the most important part of a guitar that easily gets dirty. Clean this part frequently to avoid internal damages. If you see lots of specks of dust in the fretboard, use steel wool to wipe it off. The steel wool can easily remove the dust particle and also polishes the surface. Ensure that you cover the guitar pickups with a covering tape. After cleaning the debris, you can apply lemon oil to the fretboard. This way, you can keep the fretboard clean and polished.

Cleaning the guitar body 

Even after being careful grease or oil dirt can build up on the guitar body. However, cleaning a guitar body is easier than cleaning a fretboard. To clean the body properly, you may need to consider the guitar finishing. Mostly, many guitars come with polyester or a polyurethane finish. To clean the body, you can use a wax or a polish. If your guitar is a matte finish, then use a dry cloth to clean the grease.

Cleaning the guitar hardware 

Cleaning the guitar hardware is the toughest part. The metal parts in the guitar are prone to rust. The rust can form in the frets, bridges and pickups of the guitar. You can clean these parts with a soft cloth. Use a small amount of guitar polish to make the area look shiny. Also, be careful that there is no polish residue inside the hardware. If you find it difficult to clean in some areas, then use cotton or toothbrush. A toothbrush can help you to remove even the toughest of rust stains.

Tips to keep the guitar clean and neat 

  • Clean your hands before playing 

If you eat oily or greasy food, then remember to wash the hand when playing the guitar. Mostly, guitars get dirty only because of dirty hands. Also, the strings of the guitar easily get old when you keep dirty hands on it. Try out this hack, and you can see that your guitar remains cleaner than before.

  • Clean the guitar strings 

Clean the guitar strings frequently for smooth and fresh playing. Clean the strings with good lubricants. This can extend the life of the strings. Also, you need not keep changing the stings if you clean it with lubricants.

  • Remember to keep the guitar in the case.

Keeping the guitar in open places can result in dust build-up. Leaving the instrument in dust for a long time can damage its functions. Therefore, remember to keep it in the guitar case. When you do this regularly, you can surely see that the guitar is dust-free.


Clean the guitar for smooth playing and to extend its life. A well-maintained guitar is easy and convenient to use.